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roadband is the latest and fastest mode of connection to the Internet world. Broadband is capable of carrying "Very heavy " packets on the Internet at incredible speed. Broadband adoption has hitherto been largely driven by speed of access, but rapidly increasing penetration of new services into the mass-market, will drive the adoption of broadband. These services will be delivered to an environment of growing complexity in which communications, IT devices and a new generation of consumer appliances becomes interconnected. It is essential that all this complexity be hidden from the consumer, whose experience should be that it all ‘just works’. Hence, with a high speed Broadband connection, there is a lot which can be done on the Internet, for example watching video, downloading heavy files, downloading MP3, voice chat, video conference etc.

Wish Net offers verity of services for Home users and SOHO. We have customized our packages to satisfy the customer need which is based on continuous market research. The packages combined with Value Added Services (VAS). Customer can pick just the right one for them. The speed can reach up to their expectation and it depends on their desired VAS which they can choose from the available package.

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